Monday, February 06, 2012

the new yorker's eustace tilley contest 2012

For the fifth year now, The New Yorker has solicited readers’ takes on Eustace Tilley,the magazine’s mascot, and, for the fifth year running, I am among the winners. Tilley, a Regency dandy, is the creation of art editor Rea Irvin and has been on the cover of almost every anniversary issue — including this year’s — since his first appearance, on the début issue, in 1925.

Here is a slideshow of this year's winners, including mine, on the New Yorker's website.

Culture Desk: a cover story about this year's contest.

My winning images from 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

Just as last year, one Grand Prize Winner will be selected from among the winning entries to be printed on a book bag from Strand Bookstore of New York. Stay tuned for updates, and wish me luck!

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Hornbilllove said...

This is fantastic news, Gary! Congratulations on being chosen five years in a row (but it's no surprise, given the incredible quality of your work). Will you please contact me to set up a consult, as we discussed in Drawing from Imagination on Tuesday? I am in Tokyo until Tuesday (left the morning after class) but I'm on email Thanks! I look forward to meeting with you. Molly