Monday, February 07, 2011

the new yorker's eustace tilley contest 2011

My piece won:

For the fourth year now, The New Yorker has solicited readers’ takes on Eustace Tilley, the magazine’s mascot. Tilley, the Regency dandy, is the creation of art editor Rea Irvin and has been on the cover of almost every anniversary issue—including this year’s—since his first appearance, on the début issue, in 1925.

Twelve winners were selected from over 600 entries. You can see a slide show of all twelve, including mine, on The New Yorker's website here.

This is the fourth year I've won. Here are my winning images from 2010, 2009, and 2008. You can also see slide shows of all past winners on The New Yorker's site.

This year, for a twist, a Grand Prize winner will be selected from among the twelve and will have their winning image made into a Strand Bookstore tote bag. The Grand Prize winner will be announced in the Spring, when the bag is ready. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: The Grand Prize Winner has been chosen and the winning tote bag can be seen at the Strand Bookstore. Congrats to Michael Clayton.


Sadami said...

Dear Gary,
Congratulations!! Your work is elegant, humorous, eloquent of a subject's inner world. Brilliant! I learn lots from you. Thank you for sharing.
Best wishes, Sadami

Dan Lai said...

Sweet! Love it - your work beautiful.

LP said...

This was by far the best of this year, and I can't understand why it didn't make it to the printed edition.
Brilliant and moving, Gary.
Looking forward for next year, and meanwhile I will be following your blog... thanks to the New Yorker.

gary amaro said...

Thanks everyone!
Glad you discovered me, LP.

Lisa said...

This is really wonderful, full of joy and warmth.

Anonymous said...

Great work, Gary!
-Lin (Saturday drawing)

LisaBee said...

hey, congrats Gary-- AGAIN!!
Lisa & Tony : )

Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog today Gary. Congratulations on your work. Lots of talent and elegant decication...
Javier Aguilar

Shanti Sankar said...

this is awesome Gary! love the timeline concept. cool you made him more human. he's got some more human depth now (for me at least :)