Thursday, July 26, 2007

stereo view

I recently acquired a turn of the century stereoscope and have been collecting stereoview cards. This little image, however is something I put together myself. About a year ago I was digging through old photos in an antique store and found a snapshot taken of an auto race from sometime in the late twenties or early thirties (If anyone has a closer idea of when, let me know). Earlier this month I was in the same shop and I found an almost identical photo. It seems that the photographer was interested in the white car and taking pictures of it as it passed. These two shots are from different laps (notice the dark car does not appear in one of them), and they are also taken from slightly different angles - angles just different enough to create an almost perfect - if quite accidental- 3D view of the race!

I've composited the pictures into a standard stereoview format. Click on the above image to view it larger, and then gently cross your eyes until the two images align over each other. You should see the rail, blurry in the foreground, the two trees and the sapling beyond that, the race in the midground ,and the the spectators and trees in the distance. The cars will seem to flicker since their positions do not match.

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