Thursday, July 26, 2007


From the bridge over the creek behind the willow tree. The woman is dangling a beestung and mud-caked foot over the edge of the bridge. That's a flower on her belly. As it happens, the cat is also dangling an injured paw over the other side of the bridge.

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claire b cotts said...

I was walking barefoot in the grass (I grew up in the south - summers the time for going barefoot)and stepped on a bee. I was limp/hopping, gary said "mud! I learned this as a boyscout!!"

All across the lawn are little - mounds of earth churned up by groundhogs, he used some to make up a batch of mud and plastered my foot with it.

I was wearing a shift I had made from an extra long pillow case (it looks better than it sounds). Thunder, the kitcat on the bridge, had gotten into a fight with a cat a few nights before, and he was limping as well, his paw all swollen up. So, we both lay on the bridge, over the creek, dangling our tetchy limbs. (Actually, it was very uncomfortable, but gary yelled every time I moved a centimeter).

btw - that's a blue bachelor button in my belly button, I don't want people to think it's a giant rhinestone or a snail)