Tuesday, September 29, 2009

handcar regatta, santa rosa

Sunday was the second annual handcar regatta in Santa Rosa's historic Railroad Square. The main event was a race featuring all manner of handmade railcars propelled by everything from classic handcranks to pedal power to man-sized hamster wheels to giant wind turbines. Here are a couple of the contestants, both the work of an outfit called Krank Boom Clank. The three-wheeler on the left is Murray the Fish. To the right is one of the front wheels of the Hennepin Crawler, featuring twin rubber tires for travel on ground, and a central groove for riding the rails. That's a flame thrower above the wheel.

More artwork from the day at urban sketchers.


Cliff said...

Splendid! How privileged we are to have folks like yourselves participate in our humble event!

The above "kinetic conveyances of whimsy" is titled Murray the Fish beside another contraption known as Hennepin Crawler by the Santa Rosa building collective Krank-Boom-Clank.

Isabel said...

great collection of work in your blog, love it !

David Farish said...

These sketches are wonderful. I designed Murray the Fish and am honored by this rendering. Really nice work!

gary amaro said...

Thanks, David. Murray and the Crawler are truly inspiring pieces of work.