Thursday, February 05, 2009

the new yorker's eustace tilley contest 2009

My piece won:

This is the second year the New Yorker has invited the public to submit their own interpretations of the magazine's iconic mascot, Eustace Tilley, originally drawn by Rea Irvin for the magazine's first cover in 1925.

12 winners were chosen from over 300 submissions. You can see a slideshow of all 12 on the New Yorker's website here

My piece also appears, along with three others, in the current issue of the New Yorker on the stands now.

Two of my pieces won last year too. You can see those along with the rest of the 2008 winners at the New Yorker site as well.


Bill Koeb said...

Gary, That is awesome! It took me a while to see him, but man, really great and subtle. I like the approach too, more of this!

Unknown said...

Fan-freaking-tastic and congrats on this one. I'm sure it doesn't hurt the resume (or ego) to find yourself in the New Yorker.

Alberto Contreras said...

Hello Gary, this is alberto.

That is a cool piece. I'm glad to see it was selected. Loved the other selected pieces as well. Mr Burns is awesome.

Take care :)

Steve T. said...

Nice going Gary. Twice now..that's fantastic man.

miss_mia said...
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miss_mia said...

Gary - love this, as it looks just like our viszla. Are prints available for purchase?

jehan said...

congrats gary! that's bad ass

hey i need your email address! i seem to have misplaced your business card

also i heard we were gonna meet up with you at the inferno presentation at wondercon, were you able to make that after all??

hope all is well


gary amaro said...

Thanks Jehan, and congrats on the project runway/Levi's piece!

Gerald de Dios said...

Gary - winning 2 years in a role is such a magazine in HUGE! Many congrats!