Friday, March 16, 2007

black diamond mines

This is a painting of my sweetie and me I did as a birthday present, a little while ago actually. From a photo taken at Black Diamond Mines regional Park.

Acrylic on paper
Click to see large


claire b cotts said...


Steve T. said...

I thought I recognized that face. What's up Gary it's Steve "Talon" ya doing man?

gary amaro said...

Hi Steve, great to hear from you. How's Tennesee? I may be putting some older comics pages up here in the near future so you just might see yourself on this page too. How did you find me?

Steve T. said...

Tennesse is good Man. I found you with the miracle that is Google. I also have a blogger blog. Just click on my profile and you will see the link. Talk to ya later Man.